Kokoro Healing Intensive Program

According to Wikihow.com, Kokoro is the Japanese word for the metaphysical heart, as in “heart, mind, spirit.”

Do not go another year with the same anxiety and depression. Reduce negative drama and hurtful situations. Enhance your intuition. Improve the communication between your heart, mind, spirit and soul.



What is the Kokoro Healing Intensive program?

  • It’s for people who want to reduce the time required to heal one’s heart, mind and spirit.
  • It’s talk therapy with the infusion of healing energy.

How can you benefit from this program?

Reduce emotional pain: Faster progress in letting go of painful areas in your life leading to anxiety, depressive thoughts or guilt.

Feel better about yourself: Increased self-worth and better relationships

Increased peace of mind: Reduction in negative thoughts or emotions impacting your life

Align closer to your heart: Better aligned with your heart, spirit and soul.

Make healthier decisions: Less confusion with competing thought processes.  Ie. Part of me wants thinks I should do this and part of me does not...

Improved Relationships: With yourself, significant other, family, environment and creator.

What can I expect during a kokoro healing session?

  • You get to be heard. You have ample time to say what’s on your mind
  • Receive Light and Information on how to help yourself
  • You will get healing through the process of osmosis
  • A private conversation between the practitioner and you the client. Delivered in person, phone or via Skype
    Duration of up to two hours per session.
  • Via distance – Receive a bi-weekly energy clearing

Why is it successful?

  • Because it uses advanced healing methods to increase your vibration and reduce stressors.  
    Because it helps you move beyond the hidden blocks preventing you from letting go.
  • Because we leverage your energy and gifts to tailor the solution you require. 
  • It’s your process and done on your terms.

Kokoro healing processes

Healing via osmosis

When someone’s healed an issue and they connect with another person, healing can happen by osmosis if the recipient is receptive to the energies.

Sharing of information through guides

When people connect there are conversations at many levels.  Given the right environment our ‘guides’ share information useful to your healing.  I’m often able to pick up on that energy and guide the conversation and next steps.

Healing intelligence exchange

There’s an exchange in intelligence and healing that happens when we broach sensitive subjects.  Over time those hurtful situations can successfully dissolve.

Release of non-beneficial energies

Thoughts have strength; positive or negative when brought into awareness.  Based on the strength of the thought pattern we can identify those that can be improved and together work on the root cause.

Infusion of positive and clearing of negative energies

Accomplished by incorporating methods learned via many energy modalities.

Part reintegration

It’s normal for a part of us to fragment during a traumatic event or weakness caused by a life event.  When a part has healed sufficiently and it’s safe to re-integrate, we’ll go through that process together.

Identify and address weaker thought patterns

Have you ever been in a situation where you say something, and your voice gets weaker or crackles?  That’s because it’s likely referring to a weaker thought pattern.  We can together address that weakness in your energy field.

Address conflicting thought structures

Part of me wants to break up with him and part of me wants to be with him forever.  We often know why at some level but don’t have enough energy on our own to move ahead with a decision.   We’ll work through the thought structures to eliminate those conflicts. 

Open spiritual Discussion

Yes, we cover many spiritual topics and help you align closer to your truth, not mine or anyone else’s.  A spirited discussion is encouraged and welcome.

Identification of negative patterns and blocks – resolve when appropriate

Through the process we make a note of patterns and energy blocks that don’t serve you.  You can choose to address them when it works for you.

How long does the program last?

As long as you feel you need it.  No contract.

How is it delivered?

By phone, Skype or in person at Radiance Gifts. 

In-person sessions are provided by appointment only at Radiance Gifts

7-875 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg, MB